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The Page is Here!

Hey! I finally finished my page about the new tank!!! 1,368 words exactly! I hope you enjoy! My New Aquarium And if you happen to not have time at the moment, it’s under about me… ~Libby

What can I do to Ensure my Fish Sitter is Feeding the Right Food at the Right Time in the Right Amount?

Hey Guys, I promised a post about my new tank, but it’s gonna be so long I’m only gonna post a preview today, the actual whole deal is gonna be on the page under About Me in My New Aquarium…. Continue Reading →

Another Tank All Ready?!

Hey!!! You heard me, I got another tank! Check it out! lol Now I have three in the house and one in the garage…. (not set up) That’s all ~Libby

7 Thing a Small Betta Fish Tank is Actually Good For

First, because of obvious reasons, this is not a suitable or even acceptable Betta fish home, and some of us may have had, or bought, or gotten one. So what do you do with it now? You can use this… Continue Reading →

Why Must you Really Have an Aquarium Heater?!

Aquarium heaters…….. What are they? Aquarium heaters are devices that are used to heat fish habitats in captivity. There are so many kinds of heater, small, large, long, short, there is company after company. Do I really need a heater?… Continue Reading →

Cycling An Aquarium Before Introducing Fish

What is cycling? What does it do? Why do people do it? And should I?

Quiz on Chain Pet Store

Here is a true or false¬†quiz about Betta fish. True or false: Most Betta fish are transported over seas in small plastic bags, only the corners filled with water, and tranquilizer to keep the fish calm while being shipped. Bettas… Continue Reading →

The Ideal and Realistic Home for Betta

Hey, I love Bettas, you should know by now. But unfortunately I am not a millionaire… and if you look around, most people are not… so what do Bettas really need? Let me first clear up where Betta fish come… Continue Reading →

Where Do I Put My Emergence Rescue Part #2

So, you’ve got your aquarium… now you need to diagnose your fish…. here are some common problems in fish that would need rescuing. Fin Rot Fin Rot is the most common fish disease, which is caused by dirty living conditions… Continue Reading →

Where Do I Put my Emergency Rescue?!

Hey, anyone here end up with an emergence rescue with now where to put them? I did, and I did not have any idea what I was going to do with Blue Gem. If you find yourself in this area….. Continue Reading →

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