Good Tips on Choosing a Betta

Here are some good tips on choosing a Betta

Having a healthy Betta is important, you don’t want to have a dead fish a week later. Take her advice.

Where’s the Fishy?!

This is a quiz to see if you can find my crafty Betta Mark. Have Fun!


Find him!


Where Is He!?


Got ya!

How about these other Bettas!?


There’s three here! \/

big tank It’s a little small.

Write your answers in the comments!


Save Money on Betta Fish Aquarium Plants

IMG_5318So the last few weeks I’ve been trying out new plants for Mark‘s tank. I first tried some plastic plants, but I quickly realized that plastic plants do not go for Bettas and added some new live plants to his tank instead. Continue reading

My Bettas Bubble Nests (or the lack of it)

bubbleSo today I was cleaning up the room my Betta boy is in.  I glanced at his tank and started to complain to myself how he hasn’t made a bubble nest in sooooo long. Bubble nests are not any kind of a sign for Bettas. He can be supper stressed and make one, or really relaxed. Bettas Bubble nests are just something Continue reading

New Ten Gallon Tank!

The next few posts on this web will be like a journal for my new tank!

I am getting a new ten gallon tank and want to get some new fishys. Though I’m not sure what fish I’m getting, I will be posting updates of my progress of setting up the tank and all. Continue reading

My Betta and Garlic

garlicSo I heard that fish love garlic. And Bettas are no exceptions. My Betta Mark has a very normal diet, pellets ones a day Thursday-Tuesday (I skip Wednesday), pea probably once every two weeks, and whatever I find he may like whenever I find it. Garlic was totally new to him. Continue reading

Betta Tank Sizes and Which are Smallest, Largest, Ect.

betta fish tank walmartBetta tank size. The must, and the not so much. People all have opinions and everyone believes theirs makes the most sense, so mine is just another one. I have done lots of research, and lots of studying and lots and lots of research, and and three years of experience, and this is what I’ve found. Continue reading

My Bettas New Tank Plant

water wistriaSo over my birthday, I have gotten several changes. The main one is the plant I have put into my Betta‘s tank.

Water wisteria is a very interesting plant, the one I got from my Petsmart was about two inches tall and it’s leaves were sparse. Continue reading