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Look at Walle!

Adorable sea otter gets a new addition to his cage. To learn more about Walle go here.   ~Libby   Featured image credit:


Sad. Sometimes your fish has suffered an injury beyond repair. Maybe they are so weak and just crawling towards death. Maybe you can’t do anything, and you have to let them go. Here it the most humane way to release… Continue Reading →

Blue Gem my Rescue

Hello Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Just wanted to update you that my precious rescue Blue Gem has passed on to the Big Tank Upstairs. RIP Blue Gem, we loved you. ~Libby

Help the Vaquita

  Help save the Vaquita, Sign the petition here.

Ozzy The Loggerhead

Amazing story! Here is what Clearwater Marine Aquarium is here for! See where Ozzy’s been here! Bless CMA! ~Libby Featured image credit:

Murky Water- What’s Up?

There are about three things that can cause murky water. Each of them has a remedy and of course can be fixed. Here’s how. Ok, so there are several ways of saying that the water is murky. Each describes different… Continue Reading →

Super Hot, What to do and What not?

So a few weekends back I lost my AC, a power outage killed it, and the repair man could not get to my house until Monday. With the heatwave hanging over my place, at 102 F on Sat. and 108… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things NOT to Do with Your Betta

Do not…

The Myth of Overpopulation in Guppies

Overpopulate? In a million years!!! Guppies are quick reproducers, but they are also cannibals. Every 28 days, a female guppy will deliver around 5-20 guppy fry. Guppies are live-bearers and the fry will be… well… live! If you do not… Continue Reading →

Went to Petco Again

Hey guys, I went to Petco this last week and bought myself another male fancy guppy. Flame has adjusted very well, although because he is a bright orange he seems to stick with the Platy group and hasn’t really associated… Continue Reading →

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