Trading Gravel For Marbles!

Hey! I have been chewing on my Betta fin problem. Mark’s fins have been ripping. They are MUCH better, and always heal up, but, goodness, I do not enjoy watching him swim around like that. I have evicted the last suspect of the whole tank. This is my Bettas tank when I first started: IMG_5172

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The Weather…

broken treeHey!

Here in Washington we’ve been having some crazy weather, so I just wanted to say some thunder storm safety for fish.

First, make sure your tank is not close to a window. If so, it can get destroyed or damaged badly if a tree falls.  You should NOT have the tank by a window ever, because the direct sunlight is not too good, and may be very inviting for algae. This is important when you are preparing your tank and a place to put it.

Your tank is probably the last thing on your mind if a tree falls and damages your house, so be sure that everything is taken care of in case of an emergency.

Second, fish can get electrocuted because they are in a small body of water. Fish in the ocean only get hurt if they are close to the place of the strike, but when in a tank, the fish are all in a small space. Unplug all the heaters, filters, etc. and wait for the storm to be over…

It’s alright for these things to be off for a while, unless you live in Antarctica… lol Just make sure the water doesn’t drop, and the water doesn’t dirty to fast… that’s all.

Beside these obvious facts, most fish will not notice the change in weather. Take care, and be safe!

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My Tank Smells Like Potting Soil… ?

plant of some kindUmmm, My tank smells like potting soil. no fishy smell, no yucky stuff, just potting soil… ? and not only that, I don’t even have any plants (except for one fake house plant) in that tank!!!

Now, for my “new tank,” no progress… :/ No one is selling the stuff I need, so he’s just living at my neighbors house.

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Siamese Fighting Fish

The Siamese Fighting Fish is another name for a fish better known as a Betta (Betta splendens). These fish live in Thailand rice paddies. Though rice paddies are shallow, they can be very, very wide, and spread quite far. One Betta (or Siamese Fighting Fish) can live in up to a 100 gallons of water!

Because they live in Thailand, they are tropical, and need warm water. Heaters are recommended in captivity. I also want to clarify that they do NOT need to be flared regularly. They often do that on their own, and if they don’t… so?

Any way, I just wanted to tell you what the Siamese Fighting Fish really is.

Lol My Bunny


My bunny, Cocoa was very funny today. It is very hot today, he decided to go for a swim… in his water bowl.. with his face…LOL

Without knowing how funny he would look, he had stuck his face through the small square openings in the hutch which he lives in, and created a cone face…



The poor thing was hot, his ears where burning, so I brought him into the house, and he cooled down… But I really laughed very loudly.

Mark’s anal fin is healing up, I am very worried about him, but he doesn’t even care, and I don’t think he knows he tore it.

That’s all today.


Mark Tore His Fin… Again


Bumming news, Mark has slit his anal fin. I have no idea how. It happened while me and my family were at the store.

His anal fin has been slit in a narrow upside down v shape. By the next day, one of the sides that had ripped broke off from the rest of it, and so now he has a piece of tail trailing on the front half of his anal fin. Continue reading