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Where Do I Put my Emergency Rescue?!

Hey, anyone here end up with an emergence rescue with now where to put them? I did, and I did not have any idea what I was going to do with Blue Gem. If you find yourself in this area….. Continue Reading →

Do I Really Need a Water Test Kit?

Hey, I have been wondering the same thing since I started fish keeping. It’s one of those things you don’t know you need until you get it… it is SO useful! I don’t know how I got along without it…. Continue Reading →

Swimming Bladder Disease

Hey guys, so I hope you all saw my new page, I got another aquarium… no, it’s not a Betta tank, it would be, but I chose to make it a community tank. I am in the process of cycling… Continue Reading →

This is cool too

It’s short, wait till the end…. It’s cool hu? ~Libby

Why can’t I have sea shells in my fresh water tank?

Shells have an amazing way of causing relaxation. They add an ocean look to your house, and you love their shapes, so why not add them to your aquarium…. Here’s why


This is just amazing, I want to cry. Winter is amazing!!!   Featured image credit:¬†

Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Hey guys, so I hope you’ve seen my last weeks post, Not a Betta but I love her. I just wanted to talk a little this week about the aquarium where Winter lives. Clearwater Marine Aquarium is located in Clearwater,… Continue Reading →

Not a Betta… But I love her.

I once read a story in which a child ran away, fearing the new baby would take away needed love, once they found the little boy, the mom brought a example of her inexhaustible love by lighting 3 candles, handing… Continue Reading →

What Do You Name Your New Fish?!

Hey, My personal favorite part of getting a new part is naming him/her. There are SOOO many options! Sometimes though, it can be kind of overwhelming. I’m here to help! Your first step is obviously figuring out if your pet… Continue Reading →

Amazing Photos!

Hey, this guy has amazing talent, check it out, you’ll be stunned.   Featured image credit :¬†

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