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Girl or Boy?

Hi! It’s been a while! I’m here to answer on of the first questions asked by Betta keeping newbies, “Is my fish a boy or a girl?” In some cases, people will name their fish before knowing the gender. Another… Continue Reading →

Blue Gem Update

Hey, those of you who follow Blue Gems story, here’s an update. So he lives at my cousins house. He is in his cup/bowl. The daily water changes have helped his tail very much, and though you probably can’t see… Continue Reading →

Mark Is On The Road To Recovery!

HI! The title says it all. His fins are healing, he has no symptoms of anything and he still eats like a pig!!! Here’s a before:

Updating My Stuff

Hey Guys!!! So now I have no more Blue Gem… My cousin wanted a fish. I told him he had to clean the tank (or cup.. :/) at least once every day.

Trading Gravel For Marbles!

Hey! I have been chewing on my Betta fin problem. Mark’s fins have been ripping. They are MUCH better, and always heal up, but, goodness, I do not enjoy watching him swim around like that. I have evicted the last… Continue Reading →

Blue Gem is a Fighter!

Sad to say, but I have very little confidence in the recovery of my rescue Blue Gem. He has been living with us for about a month now… but he’s only gotten worse.

The Weather…

Hey! Here in Washington we’ve been having some crazy weather, so I just wanted to say some thunder storm safety for fish. First, make sure your tank is not close to a window. If so, it can get destroyed or… Continue Reading →

My Tank Smells Like Potting Soil… ?

Ummm, My tank smells like potting soil. no fishy smell, no yucky stuff, just potting soil… ? and not only that, I don’t even have any plants (except for one fake house plant) in that tank!!! Now, for my “new… Continue Reading →

Siamese Fighting Fish

The Siamese Fighting Fish is another name for a fish better known as a Betta (Betta splendens). These fish live in Thailand rice paddies. Though rice paddies are shallow, they can be very, very wide, and spread quite far. One… Continue Reading →

Perfect Description of Me…

Hi, I recently walked by my table, and found the perfect description to my favorite pass times, and my passion…

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