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OMG! Pintrest Has So Many Betta Abuse Tanks!!!!

OMG! I cannot believe people can be so cruel!

Updating…. Blue Gem!

Awesomeness!!!! Blue Gem, who now lives at another’s house, is on the road to recovery!!!! Pay close attention to the bottom half of his tail, it’s healing up so well! I’m so happy! The water changes are working so well!… Continue Reading →

Girl or Boy?

Hi! It’s been a while! I’m here to answer on of the first questions asked by Betta keeping newbies, “Is my fish a boy or a girl?” In some cases, people will name their fish before knowing the gender. Another… Continue Reading →

Blue Gem Update

Hey, those of you who follow Blue Gems story, here’s an update. So he lives at my cousin’s house. He is in his cup/bowl. The daily water changes have helped his tail very much, and though you probably can’t see… Continue Reading →

Mark Is On The Road To Recovery!

HI! The title says it all. His fins are healing, he has no symptoms of anything and he still eats like a pig!!! Here’s a before:

Updating My Stuff

Hey Guys!!! So now I have no more Blue Gem… My cousin wanted a fish. I told him he had to clean the tank (or cup.. :/) at least once every day.

Trading Gravel For Marbles!

Hey! I have been chewing on my Betta fin problem. Mark’s fins have been ripping. They are MUCH better, and always heal up, but, goodness, I do not enjoy watching him swim around like that. I have evicted the last… Continue Reading →

Blue Gem is a Fighter!

Sad to say, but I have very little confidence in the recovery of my rescue Blue Gem. He has been living with us for about a month now… but he’s only gotten worse.

The Weather…

Hey! Here in Washington we’ve been having some crazy weather, so I just wanted to say some thunder storm safety for fish. First, make sure your tank is not close to a window. If so, it can get destroyed or… Continue Reading →

My Tank Smells Like Potting Soil… ?

Ummm, My tank smells like potting soil. no fishy smell, no yucky stuff, just potting soil… ? and not only that, I don’t even have any plants (except for one fake house plant) in that tank!!! Now, for my “new… Continue Reading →

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