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Super Hot, What to do and What not?

So a few weekends back I lost my AC, a power outage killed it, and the repair man could not get to my house until Monday. With the heatwave hanging over my place, at 102 F on Sat. and 108… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things NOT to Do with Your Betta

Do not… Double males up, it’s a pure recipe to disaster. Attempt to make fresh water fish salt water fish, it’s impossible. Breed without any knowledge or experience, it’s animal abuse. Play games such as toss the ball in the… Continue Reading →

The Myth of Overpopulation in Guppies

Overpopulate? In a million years!!! Guppies are quick reproducers, but they are also cannibals. Every 28 days, a female guppy will deliver around 5-20 guppy fry. Guppies are live-bearers and the fry will be… well… live! If you do not… Continue Reading →

Went to Petco Again

Hey guys, I went to Petco this last week and bought myself another male fancy guppy. Flame has adjusted very well, although because he is a bright orange he seems to stick with the Platy group and hasn’t really associated… Continue Reading →

Hope Being Creative!

Amazing how smart some animals can be!!! She just shines!

What kind of Live Aquarium Plant Works Well with Bettas.

Hey, yeah, so I haven’t been keeping up with my posts so well the last few weeks, sorry about that. I went out of state and got back a week ago. Thanks for being patient. Hopefully I’ll be able to… Continue Reading →

Back-To-The-Roots Aquafarm

Hey guys! I’m back. This weeks article is about the Back To the Roots Aquafarm. Ok, what do I have to say? It works. It is a good tank. I like that it is three gallons. My Betta boy lives… Continue Reading →

The Page is Here!

Hey! I finally finished my page about the new tank!!! 1,368 words exactly! I hope you enjoy! My New Aquarium And if you happen to not have time at the moment, it’s under about me… ~Libby

What can I do to Ensure my Fish Sitter is Feeding the Right Food at the Right Time in the Right Amount?

Hey Guys, I promised a post about my new tank, but it’s gonna be so long I’m only gonna post a preview today, the actual whole deal is gonna be on the page under About Me in My New Aquarium…. Continue Reading →

Another Tank All Ready?!

Hey!!! You heard me, I got another tank! Check it out! lol Now I have three in the house and one in the garage…. (not set up) That’s all ~Libby

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